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Some of the significant risk factors that such companies use when factoring your rate are as follows:
Age As reports shows; drivers under the age of 25 are at the higher opportunity of being in an accident than those over age 25. Keep in mind that at 25, most insurance companies start considering you a "responsible adult" and drop your rates. This applies especially for men in auto insurance. Similarly, drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 generally have the safest records
Gender naturally being a woman helps and statistics have proved this fact. They are keen observers, alert and careful with speed. However, as modern day women start casting off their traditional "stays at home mom" images, the number of women involved in accidents is also on the rise.
Marital Status When you have a lovely wife to care of, you are likely to play safe. The insurance companies do believe being married makes you a more reliable driver. So, consider marrying if you are single yet. However, several other factors play a significant role in affecting your rate. You can save a lot if you take on insurance based on these factors: Credit.
Rating A wrong credit auto loan broker would save you money as the big insurance companies charge a person with a poor credit history a higher premium. You are expected to improve your credit if you don't want to be dinged by the big agencies. Monitor your credit report to see if you can get a better score to get better insurance rates. A better credit score will save on insurance premiums, no doubt. You can legally challenge any outdated or inaccurate items on your credit report with the help of professional credit attorneys for a nominal monthly fee.
Geography If you live in areas with a lot of traffic that tend to see more accidents, then your premium is higher. Similarly, if there is a higher risk of vehicle thefts, then they cost higher rate again. Mishaps Being exposed to Accidents and DWI's mostly also means higher premium rate. Remember, your clean driving record would come to use here. Vehicle Type Thumb rule- the cheaper your vehicle, the more reasonable your premium.
Occupation if you are exposed to higher risk due to the very nature of your job, you'll have to pay more premiums. If your distance to work is less than 10 miles one-way, you'll get lower premiums. Besides, some miles are driven each year, whether your drive for business purpose, have theft protection devices installed, own multiple cars and drivers can also influence your rate.
Education some insurance companies consider your educational background. So, now if you've made up your mind to get a bad credit auto insurance, you can shop around the best deal to make sure you get the lowest premium. It'd be wise to hire a broker to find you the best rate because they are there to take care of all of the above factors and match you with the best company. Remember, don't limit yourself to big names as there are hundreds of insurance companies that provide reasonable returns and are as competent as the big ones.
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