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Top 5 Auto Insurance Companies
There are large numbers of things which you need to consider while choosing an insurance company. People usually like to opt for the company which is well established and has a successful experience behind its back. People also look for the company which has a record of providing ease and fast claims. Customer services even matter a lot as a company with an excellent customer service handles the requests in a better way. It is also essential that you look into the rates and many people firstly look at the companies which can offer them the cheapest auto insurance in the USA. The Top 5 auto insurance companies in the USA are as follows:


This company is working in the insurance industry for more than 70 years, and it is considered to be 3rd among the top insurance company in the USA. This company gets high ratings for the claim services along with the customer service. You get excellent customer service from this company and receive the quotes, changes and other documents with ease. Insurance clients also get discounts on the fulfillment of different aspects of good driver, multi-vehicle, and continuous coverage. The anti-theft device, low mileage, loyalty and other things also contribute to getting good insurance along with the discount of full payment.  
Snapshot discount is also offered which plug the device in car for around month. Information about the driving habits is recorded, and then you get a discount based on the recorded data.


Geico is rated as A++ according to the AM Best. You get instant online premium quotes from this company and avail the online policy through the website. Customers of this company are highly satisfied and give full marks to customer services and claims handling. Discounts are offered for continuous coverage, anti-theft device, multi-policy, multi-vehicle, excellent driver, loyalty and the low mileage along with some other criteria. You can get your auto insurance policy through the telephone or the website of the company.  


This company was founded in 1998, and it has the A+ rating from the AM Best. Customers also consider this company to offer perfect customer services and claims process. Green company policy lets this company believes in the paper use reduction. This company offers low rates as its business is based online. Clients can get policy discounts on the multi-vehicle, multi-policy, and the excellent driver, anti-theft device, advanced safety features, loyalty and the single parent. You can purchase your auto insurance conveniently from this company without any issue.


Founded in the 1926 and it was offering policies for ranchers and farmers earlier. But after the initial success, it also started the auto insurance. Customer ranks this company high for the claims and customer services. This company offer repair on the vehicle throughout the life of a car. You can get discount on the following criteria including, Multi-vehicle, multi-policy, anti-theft device, loyalty, excellent driver and a good student, etc. It is possible to purchase insurance of his company through telephone or a local agent.

State Farm

This insurance company was founded more than 75 years ago, and it only offered the policies for ranchers and farmers at that time. Now the company provides auto insurance services in the USA. It has the A++ rating by AM Best. You get an option of the online quotes, policy services, and bill payments. The company maintains a perfect track record for the smooth and fast processing of claims.
Clients can get good discounts from the anti-theft device, advanced safety features, loyalty, low mileage, automatic payment, corporate affiliate, excellent driver and some other criteria. You can purchase policy of this company on the telephone or in the office of local agencies.
These are top 5 auto insurance companies in the USA but to find the best plan and price, you need to compare their policies and rates on your personal preferences. There are few good websites like Insurance Tips guide which gives you an option of finding the best insurance company through insurance comparisons. Get the quotes from different companies and then finalize one insurance policy for you through the best auto insurance company.
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