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Are you a mature driver in the U.S., or know someone who is? You might want to make sure you or they are getting all the senior discounts on USA auto insurance now we have coming to you. Most car insurance companies will automatically start applying these discounts when you reach the age 50. However, it's something you'll want to confirm as the reductions are significant. There are also some additional discounts available to seniors, and I will go over them here.

Traditionally, auto insurance providers do not provide easy access to this type of information. You'll have to have a copy of your policy and read over it thoroughly. According to, most of the major auto insurance agencies provide a 5% - 10% discount to drivers beginning at the ages of 50 or 55. Here's a list of some of the top car insurance companies which provide good senior, or mature driver discounts, and post them on their websites. Allstate auto insurance has three possibilities for you.

 The Premier discount may be available if you've had no accidents and no chargeable driving offenses within the last three years while maintaining liability coverage during that time.

The Premier Plus discount is a higher level of savings for those with no accidents and no chargeable offenses in the past five years while maintaining liability coverage for the past 3 years.

Do you share driving time with a senior citizen? Maybe you should. If you're not a top driver, but someone 65 years old, or older drives your car for at least 26% of the average mileage, you could qualify for all states' senior adult discount.

 Allstate has several other options which can save you some big bucks. Farmers auto insurance allows for a Senior Defensive Driver discount if the mature driver is 65 years or older (55 in some states), and has completed a DMV approved defensive drivers course.

 Insurance also offers discounts for approved defensive driving courses. Additional discounts may be available, in some states, depending on age, employment status, and mature drivers who only use their car for recreational purposes.

 Liberty Mutual has a very easy to use search function by which you can search for this type of information by state. Their search function is high-speed and easy to use.

 Unitrin Direct offers the usual over 55 and older with defensive driving course discount.

The General offers the same savings except the requirement is 60 years or older with a clean driving record.

There are many more car insurance companies offering these types of saving for mature drivers, and you should check with your current provider to make sure you are getting all the benefits possible. I've listed the companies above because they are reputable and forthcoming with this type of information. I believe this shows they are more likely to give their customers all discounts they have coming to them automatically.

I will continue adding companies as I find them. If you know of an auto insurance companies which offers significant discounts for seniors, please list them below.

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