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There are plenty of auto insurance companies working in the USA, but the top 10 have more than two-thirds shares in the market. High auto insurance companies in the USA offer different discounts like the safe driving discount and the discount on the purchase of multiple policies. You need to make sure that you make a comparison of the various companies and their plans before opting for the purchase of your auto insurance. Some of the top companies are as follows:

State Farm

State Farm holds around 20 % share in the market, and it is the largest auto and home insurance company in the USA. You get 18,000 agents for your service, and you also get different discounts on the insurance Anti-theft, drive safe, accident-free discounts and others.


People who like to opt for online insurance rather than in person one can choose for this insurance company. Low priced policies are offered by this company, and you also get the optional coverage types like the emergency assistance, rental reimbursement or the mechanical breakdown.


Allstate offers a bit high pricing, but you get discounts which help you to save around 30 % on the premiums. This company provides other insurance options as well as the home, life, annuities and the mutual fund's options.


It offers online quote tool which can give you the best rates. You also have an option to opt for the custom package which allows you to select the coverage and premium based on your preferences.


This company offers many things other than the legal coverage. You get many additional features for auto insurance like the accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and the little claim forgiveness. You get company affinity discounts which are given to different professionals like the doctors, firefighters, police officers and others.

Liberty Mutual

You get value-added things through this company which makes it unique to choose. Get insurance accident forgiveness, repair guarantee along with the roadside assistance for 24 hours.


Nationwide is the company which is perfect for the home and auto insurance. You can get different policies from this company and get rewards every year as well.

American Family

It is the 9th largest auto insurance company in the USA, and it is well known for the low prices and the extensive menu for its services. You can also opt for the other insurance types like home, boat, business, etc.


It is a big name and high profile in the insurance industry along with a complete history. It is regarded as the tenth largest auto insurance company along with the 6th largest firm for homeowner insurance. The company offers user-friendly website and also provide discounts to its customers. Facility of in-person coverage is available with this company with more than 1,000 agents.
These are some of the Top auto insurance companies in the USA. No matter which insurance agency you choose, you need to make sure that you make the comparison of the companies and their policies. After making the right analogy, you will be in a better position to choose the right company and enjoy the best auto insurance policy.
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