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New Era Life Insurance was incorporated in the year 1924. It got an overhaul in the 1980s, and the new management took the business. Now the company offers different insurance products for a large variety of market. It is a stable company if you talk about the financial condition and it has successful experience of more than 100 years. You can opt for this company for the life insurance, annuities and the other related financial products offered by the company.
New era life insurance  was upgraded from the B+ to the category of B++ which certainly makes the company look more positive now. The good financial outlook of the company gives the idea that a company can perfectly operate in the market and offer the insurance products which are good for their customers. The company provides excellent customer services although it is a relatively small company when compared with some other giants. The company also offers the policyholder portal which allows the customers to log in to the website after the purchase of the policy. This portal let the policyholder make changes in the personal information, can contact the local agent and can also review the details of policy easily. Most of the companies do not introduce this system, so you need to keep in consideration.
Annuities are perfectly suitable for the people who want to save for the retirement and want a comfortable life as they grow old. You can have a guarantee of the best rates and flexible premiums if you opt for the annuity from new era life insurance. You don’t need to pay the annual maintenance fees as well if you opt for this insurance company. You receive a guaranteed income for many coming years, and money lasts till the retirement in this case. A single deferred premium annuity is the perfect one for the people who want to pay the premium at the beginning. When you pay for the policy, then the interest gets deducted, and you start getting the guaranteed interest rate. 
You can get access to plenty of policies for your requirements when you opt for this company. You don’t have to constrain yourself to one policy and annuity as you can opt for multiple insurance policies from the company. You can opt for the company as it will offer complete peace of mind and you also get the best policy for your need. The company not only commits to provide the best insurance policies but also provide the best customers services and claims management in the time of need. 
Although you can be sure of the best policy when you choose any reliable company, still you need to do your research and then opt for the right company. There are plenty of companies working around, but you need to opt for the best one like this one as it can help you in getting a worry free time ahead after getting your insurance. Make sure that you choose the policy which best suits your needs. You can opt for the multiple policy options if you want to get the best discounts. No need to make an insurance decision in a hurry as you can easily make the best decision after doing the research. Make sure that you have the best people working for you at the time of need and handle your claims in a professional way. Choose this company and have the best insurance policy for you.
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