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Health Insurance
If you’re looking at different health insurance options, it’s important to know which policies you will likely be eligible for. Knowing which conditions could disqualify you from health insurance, as well as opportunities for coverage in particular situations, can help you make the insurance decisions that are best for your family.

Which Pre-Existing Conditions Could Prevent Me From Qualifying for Health Insurance?

If you have a history of cancer or heart disease, you are not insurable, unfortunately. However, if you've been living without cancer treatment for seven years or more; the same is not right for people with heart disease.
You will also not be eligible for health insurance if you are taking too many medications. This is mainly because some medicines, particularly psychiatric and some headache medications, are very pricey. If the insurance company see that you pay $500 for drugs each month, they probably won’t accept that you’ll only be paying $300 in premiums to the health insurance company. This is because the insurance companies work for profit, and if your medical costs are higher than your bonus, you won’t be qualified for a policy.

What Else Would Disqualify Me From Getting Health Insurance?

If you have several health conditions that need treatment, you may not get approved for health insurance. For instance, if you have back problems and are visiting the chiropractor, but also visit the dermatologist for acne problems and have chronic migraines, the insurance company will focus on the costs they’re going to incur immediately. However, you can avoid this in some instances if you have a group health plan.

What Should I Do If I’m Not Approved?

If you don’t get approved for health insurance, try to find out the exact reason you weren’t accepted. Insurance companies are cautious about giving out personal information to agents to protect your privacy. However, the company will send you a letter to tell you exactly why you were declined. Contact your insurance agent after you get the letter to go over the reasons and find out if there are other options for you to pay for your healthcare.
Short Term Health Care Options
If you’re in the middle of changing jobs, you may want to apply for short-term health insurance. This is because it may take a couple of months for you to be covered at your new place of employment. Short-term insurance will guarantee your coverage while you’re transitioning between jobs.
Prescription Drug Insurance
If you have a health insurance policy that covers most of your medical costs, you like have prescription drug benefits. In this case, it’s not necessary for you to get prescription drug insurance. Many of these “insurance plans” are frauds and don’t pay you benefits the way they promise. Many state insurance commissioners are exposing these programs. So, if your current insurance plan offers medication coverage, it’s not necessary to purchase a prescription drug insurance plan.
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