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It's surprising how many just how many companies offer free online USA auto insurance quotes. But, there are a couple of questions one should ask oneself when considering applying for car insurance quotes. How can you, as the consumer, take advantage of this, and should you use for all the quotes available, or just a select few. It's also surprising how many people search for cheap online insurance quotes, but why pay for something you can get for free even from the large, well none providers? With that being said, here is a list of the top companies offer instant free quotes.
One of the easiest ways for car insurance rates is to use a company that provides customized comparison rates from a large number of different carries; you know the ones I'm talking about. One of the highest rated insurance comparison sites I've found is Hometown quotes work with agents across the country to help you get the best local agent and the lowest rates available. Hometown Quotes works with all types of insurance so that you can combine different types of policies for even deeper discounts. This indeed makes them a one-stop-shop for coverage. Get your free quote comparison here.
 One of the top carriers is AIG Auto Insurance(a.k.a. American International Group). AIG is a top insurance company and, according to their reputation, indeed belong in this list. They are known as a multi-line insurance provider which means they offer more than just auto coverage. Their services also include travel, life, and health insurance, as well as various financial and business services. At their website, you also find many helpful articles and guides such as "What are the Driving Laws in My State?".
 State Farm is a well-known carrier, well-established company with offices all over the country, although not in every state. Since all the information on this blog is unbiased, I must report the bad with the good. Now we all know that everyone going to get some complaints, but State Farm seems to get more than their fair share. Statements like the one below, from, can be found all over the internet. Here is another list of bad reviews.
My experience was bad enough that I not only left them likely forever but I also proactively prevent people from using their services and will use my blog to share my story with others. After writing and re-writing this a few times, I realized it’s hard to comprehensively explain the problems that happened in summary, so my apologies for the long post.
 Geico offers a free, instant online quote and specializes strictly in auto insurance. You might think this would make them better at their job but think again. Geico gets mixed reviews, but there is a commonality among the bad ones, and that is Geico is excellent until comes time to file a claim.
Nationwide offers a free online quote and has a full range of coverages which includes autos, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and boats. However, Nationwide also has it's more than it's share of bad ratings and reviews. Will we ever find a Good car insurance company? Well, don't despair. If you've gotten this far, your taking to time to do the research, and the best way to find a quality product or service is to find out what others - with experience - have to say about it. Here is one especially interesting comment by an auto mechanic:
I worked in a body shop and was surprised to find out that Nationwide Insurance can put used parts on a 2005 Chevy Cavalier that has less than 3700 miles on the vehicle. All the other insurance companies we have dealt with stated that new parts had to be put on a new car unless over 15,000 miles were on the vehicle. Has there been a recent change in the laws? I used to have Nationwide for my vehicles and was very dissatisfied with their service and rates. I'm glad I switched companies. I hope the owner of this brand new vehicle does the same.
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