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Renting a car can be very convenient, but it is best to do some research in advance to enjoy a better package and avoid hidden costs. Make sure your next car rental goes smoothly by following these tips.
Beware of extra drivers
Most car rental companies offer contracts that allow only one driver. If you think that other people will need to drive the car, you will probably have to pay extra.
A daily fee is normally applied and added to the rental price per day.
Additional driver charges may drive up the bill but you want to make sure that additional drivers are specified in the contract or they will not be covered by the insurance
Young drivers cost more
If you or another driver is under the age of 25, most car rental companies will charge a daily fee. These fees can even be quite expensive, even if the young driver does not drive frequently.
Some provinces do not allow people under 25 to rent a car. So be sure to check with the company in advance when booking.
Some credit cards cover insurance
You must ensure that you have some insurance to cover collision damage and other insurance needs in case you need it. Note that buying insurance through the car rental company can often be very expensive.
If you book the car with a credit card, check the credit card company's policy regarding rental cars.
Many credit card companies offer insurance that covers the damage, which can save you a lot of money on the purchase of insurance protection from the rental company.
Check availability and return times
Some car rental companies charge extra for delays when picking up or depositing the vehicle. You should not forget to tell them in advance that you are late.
Many of them will waive an increase if you tell them in advance. It is, therefore, best to keep them informed of your plans.
At your next rental, follow these simple tips to save money while ensuring an easy and trouble-free journey.
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