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top auto insurance companies in USA
We're all aware of the cost of auto insurance premiums. One of the best ways to reduce this expense is to make sure you're taking advantage of all the auto insurance discounts available. Don't assume that your carrier is automatically applying all the cuts you have coming to you. Most providers will use most of these money-saving discounts without any input on your part, but you never know what are you missing out on.
This is not a specific discount for top auto insurance companies in USA but I think it's important to include one car insurance tip along with this list of possible savings. That tip is to shop around (regularly) for better rates. It doesn't matter if you’re paying monthly, bi-annually, or annually, you're better advised to compare quotes from the bigger companies, as well as your local agents. I usually spend my premiums six months at a time. This saves me a little money on interest and gives me the opportunity to shop around more regularly. Not to say that I don't try to find better deals in the meantime. If you see a better deal, you can always call your current provider and tell them you want to switch to a new car insurance carrier. They will give you a discount for any coverage you have not used up. However, you may want to think about how much you give out your phone number.
I'm sorry, but I don't want dozens of car insurance agents calling in the middle of supper every night. If they're going to contact me with offers, they can do it through emails, or snail mail. Fortunately, some providers are aware that this problem reduces the number of drivers willing to fill out online quotes, and have removed any
requirement for a telephone number from their online forms. There may be a field for a phone number, but it may not be required to complete the form. Required fields are generally indicated with an asterisk. If a phone number is expected...well there are ways of getting around that. You may get away with using the 555 prefix. At any rate, the only agents who get my number are the ones I do business with.
Below, I've listed every auto insurance discount Known To Mankind. O.K., there might be someone in the world who knows of a cut, or two not listed here, but I seriously doubt it.

Window VIN etching

You know that little plate behind the bottom left side of your windshield? Well, that's the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle. There are several other places VIN may be located. This number is used to identify your truck uniquely and has many purposes; one of which is for law enforcement to identify stolen vehicles. It's a great system but is not enough of a deterrent. Etching your VIN into the front and rear windshields, as well as the windows,  will make your vehicle less attractive to car thieves because they know they'll have to replace all the windows on your car. Many car insurance companies offer some serious discounts for vehicles that have been window etched.
You can search for "VIN etching kit," and you'll find several companies that offer do-it-yourself kits for around $20.00. This is a very reasonable price considering the two-fold benefits. Participation in StolenCarReports is another way to fight car theft. As a member, you and other tippers will receive alerts whenever a vehicle is reported stolen in your area. You keep an eye out for the vehicle and report it to the police if you spot it. Your vehicle is ever stolen, these same "tippers" will aid the police in the recovery of your vehicle before it's gone for good. It may not save you money on auto insurance, but what a great way to help "Take A Bite Out Of Crime."

Anti-theft systems.

  1. Specific anti-theft devices will reward you with significant savings on your auto insurance. You should contact your insurance provider on the types of devices, and what features they should include. However, you can use the list below as a guide.
  2. A proper alarm system should be internally operated and automatically cuts off the ignition or disconnects the starter and is activated if any door, the trunk, or hood is opened.
  3. A non-passive fuel shut-off device which is activated by a switch or key.
  4. A non-passive, steal steering wheel lock.
  5. An armored cable hood lock and ignition shut-off where the cable extends through the firewall and is secured to prevent retraction.
  6. Of course, the VIN etched into the windows as stated above.
The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System may not be cheap, but a portion of the price may be offset with discounts up to 35% on your auto insurance. You'll find a list of states and the discounts available for each on this page.

Mature auto owners.

There are several senior citizen auto insurance discounts available for mature drivers. These discounts start at age 50 (not that 50 qualifies as "senior") and all seniors should make sure they're taking advantage of all of them.
I decided to split this information into a 2 part series because there's too much for one page, so head on over to auto insurance discounts part 2.
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